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Sump Pump SP2500

SP2500 Primary Electric Sump Pump

The SP2500 utilizes a high capacity pump complete with a compact, vertical level switch. The package includes most items for standard installation into a typical sump. Included is a 9Volt DC high water alarm with relay output, suitable to stand alone or for connection to a home security system. It has a slim, vertical float switch and a piggy-back plug to operate the pump as the water rises and falls. The piggy-back switch makes it possible to easily change out a broken or defective switch without re-wiring the pump. Just unplug it, exchange it, and plug it back in.

  • 2500 GPH pump, 1/4 HP, Single Phase, 115V/60HZ
  • Cast Aluminum construction with Stainless Steel fasteners and clamps
  • Oil filled motor for maximum heat dissipation
  • PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motor with automatic thermal overload protection
  • 1 ½" threaded discharge capable of handling up to 1/8" solids
  • Heavy duty 10 foot long power cord with 3-prong plug
  • Adjustable vertical float switch with 10 foot cord and piggy back plug
  • Agency listings: UL & CSA Approved
  • One year warranty

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  • SP2500 $179.00

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Basepump Sump Water Level Alarm

Water Alarm

The Basepump water alarm is a single point, battery operated water alarm that sounds the alarm when water lifts the float. It has an 85 dB loud alarm that should be able to be heard from the basement.

This is the same alarm that is INCLUDED with every Basepump water powered backup sump pump. If you bought a Basepump there is no need to order this here unless you need a second one.

It uses a common 9 Volt battery that is designed to last up to one year in stand-by mode. It chirps to alert you to a low battery condition. There are "dry contacts" inside that may be used to connect to your home security system or to a simple auto-dialer. These may be able to notify you of a water problem before it becomes a bigger issue and much damage is done.

Some will say that if you have one of our pumps, what do you need an alarm for? But if the problem is a sump pump failure and not a power failure, you may not know about it for several days, or even longer and you won't be able to fix what you don't know about.

The sensor float on this alarm is mounted on a stainless steel bracket in the sump, either on the sump pump pipe, or on the side wall of the sump. Either way, you set the position based on the water levels in the sump. Some will place it at the same level as the backup sump pump float, others will put it higher or lower, depending on when they want to have it sound the alarm that the water is above normal. We recommend having it alarm at the same time that the backup pump starts. It will only alarm while the small float is held up, so if the pump does its job, you'll only hear the alarm momentarily, but if there is a bigger problem, the alarm will continue to sound and give you a chance to investigate.

BWA-X add-on accessory to the Basepump Sump Water Level Alarm. This is a simple to use sensor cable kit to add to the alarm kit so that the same alarm can monitor your sump water level and also warn you of water on the floor in other vulnerable areas. The 10 foot long cable sensor may be placed in areas such as under the washing machine or hot water tank. It may be placed along any wall to detect water leakage. Additional 10 foot lengths may also be purchased separately for $19.00 each and connected to protect up to 50 feet in length.

Brochure BWA Alarm mini 02 2018Basement-Water-Leak-Detection-02-2018.pdf


  • Basepump Water Alarm: BWA $29.00
  • Basepump BWA-X Add-on Sensor Cable Kit $29.00
  • Extra BWA Sensor Cable - 10 Foot length: Floodtek SW10 $19.00

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Check Valves

PVC Check Valve


Need a new check valve? We have an excellent quality, PVC Glue-in Check Valve. This check valve has a full-flow design with a serviceable flapper. 1 1/2" standard PVC. This is a heavy duty, long lasting check valve.


  • PVC Check Valve 1-1/2 Inch $14.00

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PVC Quiet Check Valve


Does the check valve on your sump pump make a lot of noise when it closes? Does it thump and flutter every time your sump pump operates? If the answer to these questions is "Yes," then you need a good quality, quiet check valve. We have just the right one for you. This is a high quality, 1½" PVC glue-in, True Union type check valve with a spring assisted flapper and full port opening. Finally make that sump pump operate quietly.


  • PVC Check Valve 1-1/2 Inch -QU $29.00

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Float Switches

Vertical switch keeps a low profile and comes with its own pipe clamp attached. Simply open the clamp and wrap around the discharge pipe from the sump pump. Tighten the clamp as you position the float at the proper level on the pipe. Make any fine adjustments to the vertical range of the float ball so the pump operates within that desired range.

Vertical Float Switch with NO Plug (wire direct)

VerticalFloatSwitch withoutPiggyBack

Comes with just two lead wires inside the heavy-duty cord, ready to connect into your system directly!


  • VFS $36.00

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and One Year Limited Warranty

Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied with your new Sump Pump, Base Products Corporation (The Company) will refund your money, in full, excluding shipping charges, as long as product is returned in its original packaging, unused, uninstalled, and in re-salable condition, shipping prepaid. Please contact the dealer where you purchased your pump to obtain refund. If purchased directly from Base Products, you must call our Customer Satisfaction Department at 1-800-554-1426 to receive return authorization or to receive Technical Assistance. Please give your name, address, phone number, purchase date, and installation address.

The Company warrants this Sump Pump against defects in material and workmanship for One Year from the date of the shipment. In the event of any defect in the pump unit within the warranty period, The Company will, at its option, replace or recondition the product without charge providing the product is returned, prepaid to our offices in Buffalo, New York. This shall constitute the exclusive remedy for any alleged defect. The Company shall not be responsible for any incidental, indirect, contingent, or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages or other costs resulting from labor charges, delays, loss of use, revenue or profit, vandalism, negligence, fouling caused by foreign material, damage from peculiar water conditions, chemicals, electrical problems, or other circumstances over which The Company has no control. The Company makes no other warranties, express or implied, except as provided in this limited warranty. This warranty becomes void by any misapplication, misuse, abuse, or improper installation of the product. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state. Warranty is applicable in the USA and Canada only.