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12 Volt Marine Batteries and Extra Battery Cases

Hydropump Dual Battery Case Kit

Dual Battery Case

Add a second battery and double the length of pumping time. Kit includes battery case and set of red and black cables with terminal ends to connect to the battery.

Model: DBC $31.00

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Next, you need a Sump Pump Backup Battery to go with your new system.

Our battery case holds a Size 27, 29, or 31 Marine Deep Cycle, 12 Volt DC Battery. Maximum dimensions are:
Length 13-1/2" x Width (or depth) 7" x Height (to top of terminals) 10"

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Because our batteries are "sealed" they may be used with medical equipment, power wheelchairs, garage door openers, etc.

Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat design, valve-regulated for safety, lead-acid battery. Technology designed for UPS standby power systems.

12 Volt, 92 Amp/Hr., 12.83" x 6.56" x 9.30", Weight 63 Lbs.

Model: BATTERY- AGM $259.00

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Sealed Gel Cell Battery

Gel Cell Battery

Valve-regulated, gelled-electrolyte battery.

12 Volt, 88 Amp/Hr., 12.83" x 6.56" x 9.30", Weight 63 Lbs.

Model: BATTERY- GEL $259.00

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