Flood Prevention Products

Base Product Corp: The Professional's Choice

We are in our 20th year in business and we continue to be a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of premium Flood Prevention Products, especially basement flood prevention.

Prevent Water Damage Now!

This is one of the biggest problems facing a homeowner. It is often caused by:

  • Basement flooding
  • Flash flooding.
  • Creek and stream flooding.
  • Poor yard drainage.

We can't prevent all flooding or other many other causes of water damage, but we have solutions to help prevent sump pump overflow and other types of basement flooding. Here are some items we offer and now is the time to use them. Or, you can wait till you're up to your knees in ice cold water!

  • Water-powered backup sump pumps.
  • Instant sandbags.
  • Innovative Water-Gate barriers for larger-scale flooding.
  • Mold prevention and treatment products.
  • Automatic excess water flow shutoff valves.

Our mission

We are dedicated to using current technology, time-proven principles, and high quality, long lasting materials, in order to design new and better solutions in the Flood Prevention industry. Our goal is to design and package products that include as close to everything the installer needs as possible, saving you time and money. Our integrity and reputation are on the line every time a product goes out of our door. We answer to you, our customer, and ultimately to God, who is the highest authority.

Considering the potential damage that can happen from even a small amount of water on the basement, bathroom, or kitchen floor, can you really afford NOT to have protection?

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