Basepump Model RB750-EZ and HB1000-PRO

“Ask for it by name”

The Professional Water Powered Back-up Sump Pump

  • The HB1000-PRO and the RB750-EZ are easy enough for a handy homeowner to install him- or her- self.
  • Only basic plumbing skills are needed. If you can read and follow directions, you should be able to install a Basepump HB1000-PRO or RB750-EZ.

Back-flow Preventer and Push-fit Connectors Included!

  • The following 3/4″ Installation Parts are included and come partly assembled:
    • Brass Dual Check Valve to help you meet local backflow prevention requirements.
    • Brass shutoff valve so the water to the unit can be shut off easily, if necessary.
    • Brass Push-fit Male adapter so all you do is push in the pipe to connect to the pump.
    • Brass Push-fit Tee to connect into your existing water supply.

Basepump® RB750-EZ and HB1000-PRO

Shown here emphasizing the brass shutoff valve, dual check valve, and push-in male adapter.

Basepump EZ and PRO ejector on blue background showing water direction entering and exiting
5 Year Limited Warranty Seal
Basepump EZ and PRO ejector highlighting the brass installation parts

Basepump with Highlighted Brass Backflow Preventer and More.

Click here for an Installation Guide


  • RB750-EZ $308.00
  • HB1000-PRO $396.00 

Shipping is added at time of purchase.

Can I save money by doing it myself? 

Basepump® RB750-EZ-V and HB1000-PRO-V

This is the same Ejector with the brass shutoff valve and push-in male adapter on the EZ and PRO models shown above, but includes a Dual Check Valve with Vacuum Breaker Vent, approved by the State of Illinois among others.

This is what the brass assembly looks like for the “V” models. It comes ready to connect to the Basepump ejector.


  • RB750-EZ-V $329.00
  • HB1000-PRO-V $418.00

Shipping is added at time of purchase.

EZ-V and PRO-V assembly
Seal of the State of Illinois because they approved the Vented Dual Check Valve

Basepump with Vented DCV is approved for use in the State of Illinois# 890-1140(k)

Features Comparison

Published Pumping Rates
(Gallons Per Hour- GPH)
Actual Pumping Rates*500 **7501,100
Sump diameter required18"10"10"
Radon covered sump installationNoYesYes
Warranty period2-3 years5 years5 years
Water alarm includedNoYesYes
Backflow PreventerNoYesYes

Basepump Model HB1000-PRO vs The Competition

Because of its higher pumping capacity and included installation parts, there really is no competition to compare it to. No other water powered backup sump pump can match the HB1000-Pro for the full package that is included. This is as close as we could get to a comparison between the RB750-EZ and HB1000-PRO and the closest competition.

Basepump EZ and PRO included parts

* For example: 50-60 Lbs. PSI City water pressure.

** The competition states that you must read their sump water removal chart with “water pressure at pump inlet, with valve open and water flowing.” The pressure drop under these conditions is approximately 20 Lbs. PSI. This means you must read the chart at the 30 Lbs. PSI point rather than at the 50 Lbs. PSI point (50 Lbs. minus 20 Lbs. = 30 Lbs. PSI).

We don’t make that distinction. We require that the installation include no restrictions in the water supply to the pump. If installed correctly, and the water flow rate according to the 5 gallon bucket test we recommend is adequate for the pump selected, then these are the pumping rates you’ll achieve at 10 feet of lift (similar to “head pressure”). See the:

The installation materials needed to install the HB1000-PRO vs. the Competition are listed below. Average retail prices are used for the items listed.

Cost Comparison

Installation Items NeededCompetitionHB1000-PRO RB750-EZ
Backflow preventer$36.00Included
Shutoff valve (ball type)$11.00Included
Push-fit Tee$13.50Included
Push-fit Male Adapter$5.00Included
PVC pipe$15.00$10.00
Water supply pipe
Water Alarm$29.00Included

Basepump Model RB750 and HB1000 vs. RB750-EZ or EZ-V and HB1000-PRO or PRO-V

FeatureModel RB750 and HB1000Model RB750-EZ or EZ-V
HB1000-PRO or PRO-V
Pumping rate700-900 and 900-1,400 GPH700-900 and 900-1,400 GPH
Backflow PreventionNoneBrass Dual Check Valve Included
All models include PVC check valve and some fittings.No extras, installer provides pipes, fittings, etc.Brass push-fit tee and adapter, brass shutoff valve and dual check valve
Which one do I buy?A plumber may prefer to provide all the installation partsThe best value. Includes most of the needed installation parts.

Watch a demo of an installation of the Basepump HB1000-PRO.

Watch a demo of an installation of the Basepump RB750-EZ.


  • RB750-EZ $308.00
  • RB750-EZ-V $329.00
  • HB1000-PRO $396.00
  • HB1000-PRO-V $418.00

Shipping is added at time of purchase.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied with your new Basepump, Base Products Corp. (The Company) will refund your money, in full, excluding shipping charges. Pump must be in its original package with all parts included and in salable condition. Please contact the dealer where you purchased your pump to obtain refund. If purchased directly from The Company, you must call our Customer Satisfaction Department at 1 800 554 1426 to process return or to receive Technical Assistance. Please give your name, address, phone number, date of purchase, and address of the installation.

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