About Base Products Corporation

We are in our 20th year in business and we continue to be a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of premium Flood Prevention Products, especially basement flood prevention.

What We Do

Direct Water

Water powered backup sump pumps, and automatic excess water flow shutoff valves

Block Water

Instant sandbags for larger-scale flooding

Protect from Water

Mold and mildew stain removal products

About Base Products Corperation

Beginning in the late 1990’s, Bill Bonifacio, our President and founder, began developing an idea as he was looking at a battery backup sump pump one day at a friend’s house. He seemed to know that there must be another way to remove water from the sump during a time of sump pump failure.

After all, the battery system he was looking at was limited by the battery it was connected to. It could only run for a few hours, at best, and then what would his friend do? As he stared at this, he realized that he could harness the water power that exists in the plumbing system of most modern homes, and use that power to drive a backup pump. There it was: a readily available alternative energy source, that basically was unlimited, when compared to the power of a battery system.

Now, he knew at this time that using water power for this purpose had been done, but he also knew that the water powered pumps on the market at that time had several serious flaws and shortcomings.

They had low pumping rates and float mechanisms that failed and broke down easily. So he went about testing his own theory and ended up designing what is today known as Basepump, arguably the best and most reliable water powered backup sump pump system on the market today.

He then joined forces with an investor friend, to form Basepump Company in 1999, which was later incorporated as Base Products Corporation in 2002.

Why we Exist

Flood damage restoration can be a nightmare even when insurance covers it, and so much more when it doesn’t. Insurance rarely covers more than a small percentage of the damage that can happen with just a couple inches of water in the basement. You are left with not only the cost, effort, and heartache of damage cleanup, but also with the cost of the repairs and lost valuables, too. Let’s get Pro-active and do some Flood Prevention now, before another power failure, sump pump failure, or leaky water pipe does damage to your home.

Base Products Corporation is a member of the Basement Health Association. We have also been active in development of code recommendations for water powered sump pumps through IAPMO, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

We always do our best to treat you, the customer, with the utmost respect. It is most important to us to treat you the way we would want to be treated.

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