“Control Mold and Mildew Naturally Using the Safe, Effective Power of Tea Tree Oil”

Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil

Nature’s miracle in fighting infections and many other health-related problems. Tea tree oil has been used for hundreds of years to help heal cuts and sores, and to prevent germs and disease from spreading. Now you can use this age-old remedy to fight the germs, molds, and allergens that find their way into your home or office.

In a room humidifier, Pure Tea Tree Oil (first check the instructions and cautionary notes of the humidifier), often brings relief to someone suffering from: Cold, Flu, Bronchitis, and Emphysema. It’s presence open in a room also seems to help prevent the spread of such air borne illness to other people. Placement in a furnace return air duct helps spread its germ-fighting power to all parts of your home.


Hundreds of in vitro and in vivo tests have been conducted on Australian tea tree oil, demonstrating that it is effective against a wide range of micro-organisms. Tea tree oil’s anti-microbial activity combined with its penetrating ability and low skin irritation potential makes Main Camp Tea Tree Oil a safe, natural and broad spectrum anti-microbial agent. Additional consumer benefits are provided by the demonstrable anti-inflammatory activity of Main Camp Tea Tree Oil.

HygienicAire™ keeps indoor air clean and fresh while fighting against germs and other toxins like mold spores, etc. that can cause various health problems and help transmit colds and other illness from person to person.

Simply place open jars of Hygienic Aire in strategic places of the home or office and let it go to work for you. Place a small jar in a more confined area such as a laundry room or closet, car or gym locker and it freshens the air and kills the germs in that area continually. A larger size jar, placed in the furnace air return, will allow the beneficial materials to be disbursed throughout the building as the air is moved by that unit. And it doesn’t just make the air smell nice! Although that is a part of it, the real benefit is in the natural anti-microbial work that it does. After opening the jar, it will, on average, last 30 – 45 days in your furnace or air ducts.

As it disperses throughout the building, it tends to be absorbed by the porous materials it comes in contact with, safely and without harming or discoloring them. As this takes place, the Hygienic Aire continues to do its work even after the material in the jar has completely dissolved. In this way, it remains effective for another 30 – 45 days. That’s an average of 60 – 90 days of coverage! No common air freshener, spray, liquid, or solid can boast of such results!

And Hygienic Aire is totally made up of natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals, bleaches, ammonia, or other harmful allergens! No toxic fluorocarbons or other propellants are used! Hygienic Aire is a patented formula made from the extract of Tea Tree Oil.

Some background: The essential oils distilled from Kunzea ericoides and Leptospermum scoparium, also known as kanuka and manuka oils respectively, are often referred to as New Zealand tea tree oils. They are very different in composition from Tea Tree Oil (TTO) and it cannot be assumed that they have the same medicinal properties as those shown for TTO. The native habitat of Melaleuca alternifolia is a small area of northeastern New South Wales, Australia. However, Melaleuca alternifolia has been cultivated successfully in other parts of New South Wales, in other states of Australia such as Queensland and Western Australia and in other countries. These leaves have a natural germ-fighting quality that is highly effective yet extremely safe.

Have a mold or mildew problem? These are very difficult to remove and are usually costly. Many times the materials such as drywall and lumber products have to be removed because there doesn’t seem to be a cost-effective method of removal. Tests have shown Hygienic Aire to be effective in arresting the growth and spread of both mold and mildew! In more extreme cases, cleaning may still have to be done, but by keeping Hygienic Aire in the area afterwards, further growth and development of these microbes is usually prevented.

Some technical details:
Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of Australian tea Tree Oil

Gram Positive Bacteria%Gram Negative Bacteria%Fungi and Yeasts%
Bacillus cereus0.3Enterobacter aerogenes0.3Aspergillus niger0.3-0.4
Bacillus subtilis0.3-0.4Escherichia coli0.2Aspergillus flavus0.4-0.5
Corynebacterium spp.0.2-0.3Klebsiella pneumoniae0.3Candida albicans0.2
Micrococcus luteus0.2-0.3Proteus vulgaris0.2-0.3Pityrosporum ovales
(Malassezia furfur)
Propionibacterium acnes0.4-0.5Pseudomonas aeruginosa
(ATCC 9027)
1.0-2.0Trichophyton mentagrophytes0.3-0.4
Methicillin resistant
Staphylococcus aureus
0.2-0.3Pseudomonas putida0.5Trichophyton rubrum1.0
Staphylococcus aureus
(NCTC 4163)
0.2Serratia marcescens0.2-0.3
Staphylococcus epidermis0.5
Enterococcus faecalis0.5-0.75

In summary it may be concluded that tea tee oil is active against a wide range of micro- organisms, including the following:

  • Gram Positive Bacteria;
  • Gram Negative Bacteria;
  • Fungi, i.e. mold and mildew

Organisms MIC (ATEOL brand tea tree oil)

Gram Positive Bacteria & tea tree oil
Corynebacterium spp2.0
Enterococcus faecalis1.0
Micrococcus spp0.5
Propionibacteria acnes0.5
Staphylococcus aureus<0.5

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