Base Products Corporation Flood Prevention Products

A general overview and listing of all our primary product offerings.

Basepump Ejector on white background showing water flow direction.

Water Powered Backup Sump Pumps

Uses water pressure to remove water! All Basepump models include a High Water Alarm, standard.

Basepump Ejector with AVB for backflow prevention.

Water Powered Backup Sump Pump with AVB

Same pump models plus an Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker for Backflow Prevention.

Basepump Ejector with Premium EZ/PRO Installation Parts.

Water Powered Backup Sump Pump With EZ Installation Kit

Includes installation parts plus a Dual Check Valve for Backflow Prevention.

BWA High Water Alarm

WaterBlock Valve showing direction of water flow.

Water alarm that sounds an 85 dB alarm when sump water is above normal.

Easy to install; uses standard 9 Volt battery.

Proteus WiFi Water Alarm

Aquabag Inflatable Sandbag, fully inflated.

Water alarm that notifies your phone when sump water rises above normal.

Easy to install and set up. Uses the WiFi in your home to text or email you.

Aquabag Inflatable Sandbag, fully inflated.

Inflatable Sandbag to Control Flooding

No filling required. Deliver, soak, & build.

Base Products Corporation Water Leak Detection Products

WaterBlock Valve depicted vertically with water shown flowing downward through it.
Washing Machine Safety hose set, showing the two hoses, coiled side by side with each WaterBlock unit in it's own box inside the coiled hose.


This is sort of like a “fuse” in the water line. This is a Point-Of-Use automatic shutoff valve that closes if anf when the flow exceeds the volume setting. Stops water from overflowing.

Excess Water Flow Shut-Off Valves

Shuts the water off when flow exceeds set limit.

WaterBlock Washing Machine Hoses

These hoses prevent water damage from a broken hose. When a leak occurs, the outer hose jacket catches the water and the valve shuts it off.

Natural Tea Tree Oil for Mold & Mildew

Aids in natural cleanup and helps prevent new growth.

Jar of Hygienic Aire, the air freshener that works.

FREE Basement Evaluation Checklist

Click the "Free Checklist" button to receive a free Basement Evaluation Checklist to use as a guide to protecting your basement from flood damage. This is a worksheet designed for you, the homeowner, to put the important information regarding your basement onto one sheet and to use it as a guide for risk management.
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