More details about how Basepump works

“Ask for it by name”

Basepump® Theory of Operation

  • Basepump Ejector is mounted on the ceiling joist above the sump, unaffected by scale, corrosion, clogging, or debris.
  • A PVC pipe with a screen on the end extends from the Ejector down into the sump.
  • Separate outdoor discharge or shared indoor discharge installations may be used.
  • A float is mounted in the sump pit above the normal high water mark. Your primary electric sump pump will handle all the normal pumping duties.
  • When water rises higher than normal, the Basepump float in the sump is lifted and hydraulically activates the Basepump Ejector on the ceiling.
  • Using an age-old principle, this creates a powerful suction force which causes the PVC pipe to act like a giant soda straw, drawing water up from the sump and ejecting it outdoors.
  • As the water level falls, the float drops down and a pre-set timing control keeps the ejector running for about 30-45 seconds before shutting off the system. This allows a full pump-down of the sump, like an electric sump pump.

Pumping Rates and Comparison to Competition

Pumping rates and water usage figures are given using 10 foot lift and 50 Lbs. PSI average water pressure (unless noted)
Model NumberRB750HB1000CB1500SJ10747H20503502
Pumping Rate GPH7259501,450510513600310
Warranty Period5 Years3 YearsN/AN/A1 Year
City Water vs.
Sump Water
>1 Gal removes 1½ - 2 Gal<>1 Gal removes 1 Gal<<
Water Alarm?>Yes<>No<<

Review the various features of several water powered backup sump pumps currently on the market. The information on our competitor’s models comes directly from their published information and we do not take responsibility for their figures. We hope this chart helps.

When comparing, it is essential to do your best to compare accurately.

  • Manufacturer: Base Products Corporation specializes in Backup Sump Pumps. It’s not a sideline..
  • Sizes: Three model sizes to choose from: they are “Standard” (RB750), “High Performance” (HB1000), “Commercial” (CB1500).
  • Pumping Rates: Basepump has the highest pumping rates in the industry.
  • Efficient use of water: 1 Gallon of city water removes 2 Gallons of sump water, at 10 feet and 90 lbs PSI.
  • Water Alarm: Included with every pump to warn homeowner of high water.
  • Small Sumps: Basepump only needs a small area of the sump in order for the float to operate.
  • Float Action: Reliable hydraulic operation with no moving parts and NO electrical parts. Adjustable for pumping down the sump. This is key when comparing pumps. You don’t want a pump that turns on and off quickly or one that only maintains a water level. You want one that operates more like your electric pump does.
  • Radon Cover: Basepump can be installed safely in a sump that has a sealed Radon Cover.
  • 5 Year Warranty: Longest warranty in the industry. We stand behind what we make.
  • Cycles: Basepump can be set to run long enough to pump down the sump each time before turning off.


  • RB750 $208.00
  • RB750-AVB $245.00
  • RB750-EZ $293.00
  • RB750-EZ-V $314.00
  • HB1000 $304.00 
  • HB1000-AVB $342.00 
  • HB1000-PRO $377.00 
  • HB1000-PRO-V $398.00 
  • CB1500 $415.00
  • CB1500-AVB $457.00

Shipping is added at time of purchase.

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