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I’m writing to express my profound appreciation for my Basepump (RB750). It has been in service for 14 years with ZERO problems and works like a champ, even during heavy rains. As a homeowner with an active sump pump system, my basement takes on water if the pump is unable to cycle. Prior to installing the Basepump I relied on battery back-up systems. None ever provided the reliability, performance and maintenance-free results I’ve had with the Basepump. In addition to offering an excellent product, Basepump employees offer great service. I recently emailed them with a question about my Basepump and received a thorough answer within minutes. Wow! Thanks again for this great product. It keeps my basement dry!!”

Greg C. Sellersburg, IN

Just an FYI. You may know that we have had major storms in the Dallas area over the last 2 days and our home has been without power for 36 hours and taken a lot of rain. Crawl space and foundation has taken on no water thanks to your pump.”

John C., Account Executive - Dallas, TX

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful service. I have to agree with the testimonials on your website in regard to the packaging and completeness of the products we bought, but there’s nothing there regarding service when things don’t go as planned. The service you rendered us was top notch. My opinion of your company, products and service is “first rate”. Thanks again for your help.”

Mike S. - Libertyville, IL

I just bought and installed the smaller model (RB750) water venturi backup pump in my home. I am a licensed engineer in 3 states and have basic plumbing skills. I must admit I was a little skeptical when I put in my order but after installing it and testing it out I am truly amazed. You have a wonderfully engineered product with easy to follow instructions and it works super! Great job.”

Bill M., Engineer - Manahawkin, NJ

My buddy and I installed the Hydropump unit yesterday. We were both impressed with the unit and the fact that everything we needed came with the kit. What a smooth installation. Although a little more expensive than Home Depot models, this is such a more advanced system with many advantages. Glad to have the peace of mind that comes with the Hydropump!”

Glen G. - Homeowner, Maryland

SUBJECT: Thank You!! MESSAGE: On April 30, 2014, my area saw 6.5 inches of rain. I received a phone call from my son around 1:00 pm telling me something was wrong because we didn’t have any water pressure. Panic mode set in because I knew that meant my sump pump had failed and the Basepump we had installed back in 2006 was running. I immediately had him check the basement and he said it was dry. It was nearly 6 hours later until I could get home and swap out my sump pump; and through all of that, the Basepump kept up and no water escaped my sump pump pit. Thank you SO much for making a quality product that gives me real peace of mind. Now more than ever! As a point of reference: When I got the replacement pump in (3/4 hp unit) and it cycled every 30 seconds for several hours. I’m really glad your product works so well.”

Aron L. - Pottstown PA

SUBJECT: WE LOVE THE Basepump RB 750-EZ MESSAGE: We ordered the pump and it arrived in two days. It took my son and I about 8 hours for us to install because the basement is finished and the sump is on the opposite side of the basement from the water supply so we had to work around and over obstructions. But, your instructions were great and the quality of the pump is superb, something I would be proud to have designed. I am a retired Engineer and really appreciate something that actually works as advertized. GREAT JOB GUYS.”

John R. - Hudson OH

Greetings, I did not see an area on your web site to place a review, so this email is my way of telling you about your product. Years ago I was going to install a battery backup sump pump but I was not too impressed with them so I just kind of let it go. My sump pump that is now 20+ years old has been great at doing it’s job. About a month ago had a power failure and pump did not kick when power came back on. Moved the float and pump started working and has been working fine. Started looking at battery backup pumps again and came across your web site. I had never heard of a water powered backup sump but I was intrigued about it and did some further reviews of different brands but I keep coming back to your site. Was leaning toward your out of sump pit battery backup but still did not want to deal with the battery thing so I took a chance and purchased your RB750 model, a dual check valve and your mini installation kit and hooked it up to a half inch line near where I wanted to mount the pump. Bottom line is that the whole setup took me a few hours and after putting the pump through a half dozen cycles all I can say is that I’m glad I came across your site and I am extremely pleased with the performance of the RB750. Would definitely recommended this product and also want to mention that the rep I talked to when I called to ask some questions was very helpful and informative.”

Happy Customer Joe - N.Ridgeville, Oh

Dear Base Products: If you post this on your website, let me get this out there for those who don’t like to read much… BUY THE BASEPUMP AND ONLY THE BASEPUMP IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WATER DRIVEN PUMP FOR YOUR BACKUP NEEDS. If you want to know why I believe this then read below: Being an electrical engineer I had some understanding of the design details of the Basepump product, but prior to purchase wanted to know specifically what your pump offered that was different from the competition. Secondly, I wondered what your water pump backup system offered that resulted in a higher price compared to some of your competition. I originally was interested in your product for two reasons; one, because it can be used on a sealed radon mitigated pit, and two, that it completely pumps the pit similar to the primary electric pump. However, in every instance you had answers to my questions that proved the superiority of your product compared to the competition beyond the two original reasons. Both in manufacturing materials as well as raw pumping power, the Basepump product is by far superior to the cheaper products available. The tests required to select your pump and the fact that the pump specifications are based on dynamic pressure and true available flow give me peace of mind that the correct product is installed to meet my back up needs. I purchased from you the ¾” no-sweat water supply installation kit, the ¾” double check valve, and the HB1000 pump. I was amazed to find that everything I needed except the piping (as informed) was provided when I installed the product. In literally every instance when I would think that I would be going to the store for a clamp, screw, or some other menial part, you had provided it. In addition to the comprehensive installation manual, you personally had provided very helpful, obscure details that I would never have thought of when discussing installation on a sealed radon mitigated sump. Invaluable ideas that will save me time and money in the future! I can’t say enough about your installation guide and your personal help before my installation. Lastly, I can attest to being one who has had a finished basement that has suffered the consequences of a wet basement due to an electrical or pump failure. Homeowners in this situation just want the backup system to work and to do the job intended. Thank you for providing such a quality product at such a reasonable price. I’m hoping that this product isn’t used frequently, but feel very secure in the fact that if it is needed, it will protect me as intended. Thank you, Jim for your help and peace of mind. I will send everyone who is looking for a backup system your way!! No question!!”

Thomas W., Utility Engineer Projects Manager - Springfield, IL

In the summer of 2010, the Handyguys, who give advice and run podcasts on various home improvement topics, ran a series on basement remodeling and improvements. One of the topics that came up from a listener was the installation of a water powered backup sump pump. In response to this inquiry, the homeowner was able to install a Basepump Model RB750 pump and here’s the way the installation went. Click on the link below to hear the whole interview. Water powered backup sump pump installation interview.

Handyguys Podcast

I just want to let you know that I purchased a base pump and installed it in less than 1 hour! Your easy to follow directions make for a very simple installation and boy does it pump! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a piece of mind to know that your basement will remain dry regardless of the weather. I have a newly finished and furnished basement with a full bar and movie area. I also travel for my job sometimes 7-10 days at a time. I have been extremely worried about my sump pump working if there would be a storm and the power would fail. I have a huge piece a mind now knowing I have an awesome backup solution if the power goes out. Thanks very much for a great product!”

Peter B., Homeowner - Lancaster, NY

Re: Western NY Storm of Friday, October 12-13, 2006 It is difficult to put words to my total satisfaction with your water powered pump (Basepump). Our area was hit with over 24 inches of snow overnight which blew so forcefully that we could not see across the street and as most trees still had their leaves on, the accumulated snow plus the severe wind broke branches and in some cases toppled whole trees; in fact, it sounded like a war zone all night with trees snapping and breaking apart. We had over 400,000 homes and businesses who lost electric, etc. Within short order the power companies brought in over 2,000 crews from all over New York State and from as far away as Tennessee. Additionally, a like number of crews came and removed branches, etc. to allow the electrical people to get in to reconnect the wires. The streets were so clogged with branches, fallen trees, and downed power lines, that it was virtually impossible to negotiate egress until removal of trees and branches, etc. had occurred. Back to the sump pump. We were without power for a week from 8:30 PM Oct 12 to 7:30 PM Oct 19 (take note we have a spring which fills our sump quickly in these kind of weather conditions). Our water powered Basepump ran every two minutes for 167 hours or 5010 cycles, without fail. Pat yourselves on the back, people. That is great engineering and super quality.”

William P., Homeowner - Williamsville, New York

I live in a low-lying area and was always concerned whenever I went away, even if just for a few days. Being retired and widowed, there is always the fear of what would I do if my sump pump failed. It is such a mess and so much effort to clean it all up. I heard about Basepump from a friend and had one installed. About two months later, my sump pump died and Basepump automatically took over until I could get help to put in a new pump. I did not have to pay a plumber extra to come on a weekend or late at night because Basepump had it under control. Then we had a power failure in early February, 2002 and I was without power for two days. Basepump kept my basement dry while my neighbors were bailing. It was the best money I ever spent.”

Elda B., Retired, Homeowner - Amherst, New York

About three years ago, we had just finished moving into our new home and our sump pump failed, flooding our new basement with several inches of water. The plumber came over and just kicked the pump over a bit and it came on. The float had stuck and caused it to fail! Shortly after that, we heard of Basepump and had one installed. On February 1, 2002, our area was hit with a strange weather pattern which caused widespread power outages. I got up early, grabbed a flashlight, and went to inspect the basement. Basepump was already in action, removing the water automatically. I smiled and went back to bed, knowing that Basepump was on the job. Thank you Base Products for making a great product.”

Dan J., Attorney - Amherst, New York

Basepump is the best water powered system I’ve ever seen. You have thought of everything! It’s strong and reliable, installs easily, and the only maintenance I tell my customers is to lift the float once or twice a year to flush it out and verify readiness. Period. As a plumber I have installed a bunch of them and in my opinion, there simply is no comparison to any other water powered system. In fact, I have received calls afterwards to tell me that it had gone on and kept the basement perfectly dry during a pump failure. It’s nice to hear a customer praise a product I recommended and installed.”

Dave K., Plumber - Buffalo, New York

Basepump works great. I truly appreciate your fine customer service department. I would highly recommend your company to anyone needing a backup sump pump system.”

Doug C., Homeowner - Plainville, Indiana

We finally installed the pump bought in May, 2002. Our primary pump passed away from too much pumping over three years. The Basepump took over and did a fantastic job of keeping our finished basement DRY! I am amazed at the power this little pump has. No longer will we have to worry about not being home to start the generator if the power fails or worry about the battery in our old backup pump.”

Bob B., Homeowner - Sterling, Massachusetts

With our ice storm this weekend (April 5-7, 2003) you may see sales in the Syracuse, NY area go up — my Basepump weathered the storm for 24 hours pumping about once every 10 minutes. It was a great feeling! Everybody now wants to know where I bought my pump and I’m telling them! Thanks again for your great product.”

Tom C., Homeowner - Syracuse, New York

Thank you so-o-o-o-o-o-o much!! Our power was out April 5-7, 2003 for almost 3 days. We were cold and in the dark, but didn’t have to worry about flooding our basement because of Basepump. The pump kicked on a lot! I told lots of people about it. Heard that some people had battery backup pumps, and that the batteries were overworked and dying.”

John V., Computer Programmer - Rochester, New York

I’ve recently purchased and installed the Basepump RB750. The installation of this pump was so easy that even the least experienced of home owners could install it. Living in the Great Plains of Kansas and with all the storms that come through this part of the country during the spring and winter, it has been pretty stressful knowing that we’d have a huge problem if our power ever failed. We have a constant flow of water flowing into our sump day and night. It doesn’t matter if it hadn’t rained in days. I got word of the Basepump products by reading online testimonials. After comparing other products and other reviews I decided that the 750 would be the pump we’d go with. I had to have the sanctity of mind that the product that I was installing was going to be there when we needed it most. This pump is remarkable! Once I had it fully installed and I unplugged my main sump pump during the first big rain storm and I saw how fast that water driven pump sucked that water out of my basement sump I was hooked. This product was worth every cent. It’s almost a shame that such a great product is just there as a back up. Thank you so much for helping me sleep better at night and even more, thank you for making a solid product and standing behind it.”

Preston G., Homeowner - Andover, Kansas

It’s not often that I write to a company because I like their products, but here goes. I bought your RB750 system last year after having too many sump pump failures and consequently ruined rugs, equipment, etc. Installation was relatively easy once I tied into the cold water pipe and the system worked as advertised when tested. The true test, however, came last week when I went out of town with the family on a weeklong vacation. The night before I left on an early flight the next morning, my old sump pump failed and, as it was too late to go to the store to buy a new one, I replaced it with an even older pump that I fortunately still had in the basement. It seemed to test fine, but when I returned after a week away, I found that it too had failed and also tripped the circuit breaker in the basement. I estimate that the pump had failed a day or two into the vacation and fortunately for me your backup pump had kicked in for numerous days keeping my basement bone dry. I had a lot of water outside near the exhaust port of the pump, but none inside where it counted. When I was searching for a backup pump, I was concerned that a battery backup pump would only last for a day or two. If I was away for longer than that or the power was out for several days from a storm, then what? Your water powered backup seemed like the right choice for my finished basement. Clearly this was the situation that it was designed for and it worked like a charm. I wish I had bought it numerous years ago before all the damage from the failed primary pumps. I was telling this story at work and several people wanted the link to your site, which I was glad to provide. Thanks for producing such a great product.”

Ric O., Homeowner

My buddy and I installed the Hydropump unit yesterday. We were both impressed with the unit and the fact that everything we needed came with the kit. What a smooth installation. Although a little more expensive than Home Depot models, this is such a more advanced system with many advantages. Glad to have the peace of mind that comes with the Hydropump!”

Glen G., Homeowner - Maryland

Received my shipment on 12/3/2004. Installed the Hydropump battery back up sump pump today 12/9/2004. Had no problem with the installation of the unit. Working fine. It was nice to receive a package that was complete with all parts needed and good instructions, easy to follow. Was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Robert P., Homeowner - New York

First off, a big thank you! It was Wednesday I decided to go with the DH1800 and last evening (Friday) the UPS guy showed up with my pump and battery. Second, as advertised this unit truly is “plug & play.” Installation of the pump and battery took no time at all. From start to finish the project took 2 hours, but most of that time was draining and cleaning the sump pit, then filling it a couple of times to test my connections and the unit.”

Tom M., Homeowner - Illinois

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FREE Basement Evaluation Checklist

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